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3D Scan Industrial Plant Service

Scan to BIM Service,
Point Cloud Modelling for Retrofit and Upgrade Projects

Due to numerous deformations or undocumented alterations in existing infrastructure, design and execution phase can be complicated, and manual measurements of dimensions may not deliver the levels of accuracy required. The portability and precision of our modern 3D Laser Scanners have proved invaluable in designing, building and extending technical facilities. 

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Results, Features and Benefits from 3D Scan

  • Get Accurate As Built Drawings

  • Get 3D Point Cloud of your Asset

  • Use Point Cloud to create a Solid Workable 3D CAD Model of your plant

  • Superimpose New designs over 3D Point Cloud Model (The Scanned Area)

  • Check for clashes when adding new designes to your plant

  • Conduct a Structure Analysis

  • Monitor Structure Integrity 

  • Use the scan data to compile interactive services like BIM

  • Use scanned data for bulk flow analysis 

  • Finite element Analyses 

Reduces Change Orders

High Accuracy

Reduces Rework

Time Saving

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Capture Your entire plant in a 3D Model

We use 3D Scanning technology to generate 3D Models of on-site conditions, allowing for As-Built drawings, and more accurate design and installation solutions of future plant upgrades and extensions. 

Other 3D Scanning Services We Offer in Africa

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