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3D Scanning Service on Sections of an Industrial Plant

Brown Field to Green Field Integration
3D Scanning is a Tool for Precise planning and Time Savings

Scanned data with accurate on-site conditions is superimposed on the design intent, alerting you to interference that will disrupt smooth installation.


Results, Features and Benefits from 3D Scan

  • Use the Scans to Analyse Structure integrity and certify by Pr.Eng 

  • Scan specific areas like Chutes, for optimisation, CFD, DEM simulation

  • Replacement of components, detailed fabrication drawings can be draughted using the 3D Scan

  • Use scan data for Bulk Flow Analyses

  • Superimpose New designs over 3D Point Cloud Model (The Scanned Area)

  • Use scan data for Finite element Analyses

  • Conduct a Structure Analysis

  • Monitor Structure Integrity 

  • Use the scan data to compile interactive services like BIM

3D Scanning reduces Risk

When replacing or upgrading certain sections or components of a plant, we can significantly de-risk the process with our capacity to reverse-engineer the solution within the existing constraints. 


The 3D Scanning technology allows greater accuracy and helps keep rework cost in design and manufacturing to a minimum and reduces downtime during the installation phase. When detailed 3D Scan data is available to all stakeholders, it allows all elements of the existing infrastructure to be considered during the preliminary design phase.

Reduces Change Orders

High Accuracy

Reduces Rework

Time Saving

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