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3D Scanning Optimises Material Handling

The most effective way to capture reality when Optimising Transfer Points

We use 3D Scanning to generate 3D models of on-site conditions, allowing more accurate design, simulation and installation of chute solutions.

3d Scanning Transfer Chute.tif
Transfer chute 3d Scan2.tif

3D Scanning saves time and money

Numerous deformations or undocumented alterations in existing infrastructure will complicate the design and execution of an upgrade or optimisation project, and manual measurements of dimensions will not deliver the level of accuracy required. 

3D Scanning as a Solution 

3D Scanning rapidly gather detailed measurements of large infrastructure on site, contactless. The data allow us to generate highly accurate 3D Models of on-site conditions. Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) flow simulation can be constructed for design optimisation. 

Greater accuracy helps to keep rework cost in design and manufacturing to a minimum and reduces downtime during the installation phase. The 3D scan data allows all elements of the existing infrastructure to be considered during the prelim-design phase.

When replacing transfer chutes, we can significantly de-risk the process with our capacity to reverse engineer the solution within the existing constraints. 

Reduces Change Orders

High Accuracy

Reduces Rework

Time Saving

Transfer chute 3d Scan overlay.jpeg

Installation - 3D Scanning Reduces Risk

The precision provided by 3D laser-scanning, modelling and simulation is critical to a project’s success. Chute-work often has to dodge major beams or conduit by less than 10mm, new conveyors may need to slot in between existing systems, new support steel may need to be added and the placement of new beams, channels, and angles. Much less complex support designs can be completed by a structural engineer to minimise interferences, using the scanned data.

Other 3D Scanning Services We Offer

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